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The Evil Within 2: Not My Cup of Tea

 I deleted my old post and revised it since I do have something to say about the game once I beat it.  The game had a lot of potential, but unfortunately it wasn’t what I was hoping for. 

Call me picky when it comes to survival horror games, but I believe concept do play a major role in horrifying audience. Take for example, Silent Hill 2 will always be my favorite survival horror game because the developers know exactly how to define horror and create a game which still haunts me till this day.  I learned to love the fog in winter because I experienced the chillness in Silent Hill. But this post is not going to be about the survival horror genre or Silent Hill games.  This is about The Evil Within 2 and my thoughts on it. Please keep in my mind, I am speaking from an artist perspective and from someone who dislike movie-like games.

With any artistic medium (I think some video games are a form of art), it’s wise not to imitate even if you are under the spell of nostalgia. I am not a fan of imitation.  You can admire a successful game that haunts people–but reinventing the same thing doesn’t frightened people (at least for me) because we already walked that path before. The Evil Within 2 feels like a confused horror amusement park.  It cannot decide whether it wants to be an action or horror game. Hey, some people might like this game for the way it is and good for them.

What disappointed me about the game is its strong opening. The game introduction was atmospherically scary. Yes, there was a little chase here and there. Fun for a bit, but then it got sloppy as soon as all the suspense is dispersed and the climax is reached. From there on, I found myself playing a cheap thrill. If gameplay is lacking then I expect a decent story, but this game has neither of them. The game design feels unpolished.  Why recycle boss enemies once it has been defeated? Why do I need to level up my skill trees in order to make the game a bit more fluid? There are some obvious technical issues with the game, especially in combat.  The cheesy dialogues amplify the cliché plot.  I started asking myself, “Why I am playing this game?” I forced myself to complete the game anyway because I hate not completing games. I would have enjoyed the game more playing as Juli Kidman because she is an interesting character.

I enjoyed the first game even though it was not perfect. So, I was hoping The Evil Within 2 is more of a refined version of the first. Sadly no. The only thing that Evil Within 2 has is a simplified story.  You play as a detective who is given the chance to save his daughter.   In my honest opinion, the game failed to horrify and tell a good story because its attention was focused on trying to be a movie.

So no, I do not recommend this game if you have particular taste for horror games like me. I prefer the earlier Resident Evil games over The Evil Within series now that I have finished the game. This game is designed intentionally for the mass market (movie watchers), and there is nothing wrong with that. This game is just not my cup of tea.

8 thoughts on “The Evil Within 2: Not My Cup of Tea

    1. halsdoll Post author

      To be honest, that’s a hard question. I see older Resident Evil games separate from Evil Within. I would say Evil Within lacks a bit of originality as it tries to be its own thing but it’s obvious that it borrowed a lot of ideas from all the major popular horror themes. I am okay with that. I appreciate the effort and it is still enjoyable. Have you played the game? Thank you for reading by the way.

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      1. Adam Meadows

        I’ve yet to play TEW2. Played TEW a few weeks ago – seemed solid enough until the last level or so… just seems to totally fall apart! Looking forward to reading that review!

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  1. sleipnirx

    I have noticed TEW2 was dropping in price quite rapidly and I was wondering if it ended up being a bad game (haven’t read any thoughts/reviews till now). Your post makes me want to try it out though. It sounds like the kind of horror game I would love to play, I am bored with action packed semi-horror games — they can be plenty fun but I feel like I really need to be in the mood to be playing action-packed games that require you blowing enemies’ brains out rather than stealth and story focus, which is something I don’t feel very often these days!

    However, I have yet to finish the first game. For some reason, each time I attempt it I get distracted but I have a lot of interest in it. I planned on restarting it but the first chapter gives me anxiety haha. Which is better, in your opinion. The first or the second game??

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    1. halsdoll Post author

      Regretfully, the game started off strong and I enjoyed it, but somehow it turned action packed midway. I haven’t finished the game yet to give it a fair review. The series is not a masterpiece like Silent Hill. I enjoyed the first game. For me personally, I really begin to like the game playing the DLC as Juli Kidman.

      I will get back to you to let you know which is better, the first or second game once I finish which is not too far off. Thank you for reading. 🙂


    2. halsdoll Post author

      Oh I forgot to mention, you should give the first game a try again. Like you, my brother had the same experience with the game. I told him to keep playing. Eventually the game grew on him. I guess with most games, we just got to finish it to determine whether we like it or not.


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