My 50th Post YAY!

It’s my 50th post, finally! Hurray! Workload has been heavy so I don’t have much energy to craft a well thought out post. Normally, it takes me about a whole week to revise and think of what I want to communicate to readers. Writing doesn’t always come effortlessly, especially for someone as quiet as I am. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say.

But as I mentioned in my previous post, I want to keep this blog rolling. So here I am! This past week, I watched some good films, but none inspired me to write a full length essay. I’ll mention them anyway. Let’s get started.

  1. White Lies

This is more of a social issue type of film which tackles on the subject of racism in New Zealand. I feel that it is too political for my liking as it shoved its point how demonizing western culture can be. Typically, I prefer two-sided perspective story. Then again sometimes life through a certain perspective is simply just not fair as in this case. Racism do exist and sometimes it is the one who suffers from inferior complex who happens to be the biggest racist of them all. Overall, it’s a well made film.

2. The Magic Blade (1976)

Let’s be honest. Reality sucks. Fantasy is better that’s why I often find myself escaping into martial arts films. In the martial arts world, one man can take out an army. When I feel like I have been wronged in real life, I always turn to these martial arts films to release stress, envisioning myself tackling an army of thugs. It never gets old. What I enjoyed so much about this film it’s the choreography. Kung Fu is like dancing but it involves strength and wit. In this film, everything is set up like a chess piece. I honestly have never played chess, but I learned from the film that a good chess player has to be one step ahead of his/her opponent. The hero, the main character, is so awesomely cool that I started to develop a little crush on him until I googled the actor (Tung Li) and found his most recent picture. He is grandpa now! But grr… he was handsome back then!

3) The Revenger The Revenger by Oliver Reed: Movies & TV

Yep, it’s Tung Li again. This martial arts film is hilarious. The voice acting is dubbed so it’s awful, but that’s what made it so charming. It’s a comedy so the undertone of the plot is not so serious despite its title: THE REVENGER! The same actor played as the father and the son. You can guess who revenge who–the son is the revenger. Let’s just say, your biggest enemy is not too far off from your bloodline. In fact he can be your wicked, ruthless uncle! Watch it if you want a good laugh. Well for me, I have a soft spot for martial arts films. It never fails to lift up my spirit. I literally grew up watching martial arts films/series, so it’s always comforting to me when I feel a little down.

Nothing special for this post, but thank you for reading.

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