About Me & Blog


Curious about the writer or curious about the blog? I am assuming you care to know a little bit of both.

You are probably wondering what does my pen name Halsdoll mean? Unfortunately it is a secret, I can tell you though that I love poetry and my pen name came from one of Shakespeare’s plays. However, don’t worry–I won’t bore you with dry textbook content. Believe it or not, I never liked school, but I love to study. This blog is really just my amusement park where I jot down my thoughts, breaking down complex concepts and simplifying it for the average reader.

Still not satisfied with my answer?

Some fun facts about me: I am an avid gamer, film watcher (only recently due to pandemic), reader and music listener. Is there such thing as a music listener? I love music. Lastly, I have been obsessed with cooking so I created my very own diner–Halsdoll’s Diner to motivate myself to become a better cook. In addition, I write songs. Let’s just say I’m a highly creative person who likes to try everything I can, but if I could summarize one thing I specialize in–it’s definitely poetry.

I hope you enjoy your stay and continue to visit my blog and read some of my reviews. I write with love.



If you enjoy my content and feel the need to contact me, you are more than welcome to email me, or you can always reach and follow me at twitter @Poetry_Huntress. I mainly tweet gaming content and blog updates.

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