Scarlet Nexus First Impression

So far, this preachy, cliché game about learning how to get along in a team is quite entertaining. On top of that, the Photo Mode is fun. Slowly, I feel like I can do more of this virtual photography thing. It’s sure a fun way to pastime. Plus, I could always use more humor in my life. In this game, you can select either male (Yuito) or female (Kasane) protagonist to start the game. I chose to play Kasane’s route first. She’s an indifferent, strong rational lady–atypical, but typical of what a strong female character should look like, but I will go more into that later after I finished playing her story.

The color red in this game is far from relaxing

I feel that discussing gameplay, story, and the overall structure of the game will take several blog posts to cover this JRPG game since I like to play games thoroughly. I have thought of writing daily to jot dot detailed playthroughs, but I have not decided if that is the route I want to go for this blog because quality posts matter to me. As a reader myself, I hate wasting the reader’s time. So, that’s why I do my best to write a polished blog post. However, it will take the load off of my shoulders if I just do freewriting like in this blog without being overly concerned about using proper grammar. For one, most gamers don’t care. Secondly, classist book snobs don’t take video game stories seriously, so there’s no point in trying to impress them or convince them. Sometimes in life, you just have to take a side. Being true to myself is more important than finding acceptance. I stand by my hobby.

How true…

It always blows my mind how narrow-minded a well-read person can be. You’d assume they would be more open-minded. Not the other way around. Anyway, I won’t go into politics. After all, I am thinking about a particular person. She doesn’t represent the entire book community. For now, I will take my leave. This summarized my weekly blog update. Hopefully, I provide enough information on what to expect in future posts.