Female Prisoner Scorpion 701’s Grudge Song (1972) Review

If you have been following this blog, you probably know that I enjoyed Female Prisoner Jailhouse 41 very much. Some would argue that the film is a response to the Feminist Movement, calling out all men as filthy horn dogs. Women became criminals because men have wronged them in some ways (okay maybe I am going a bit too far. The Feminist Movement is about gender equality). In contrast to Female Prisoner Jailhouse 41, this film does not condone one sex over the other. In fact, I would label this film as a parody of the battle of the sexes and with the higher authority. It clearly points out the sadistic nature of those who stand for law. Cops can be piggish and anyone who has a heart would side with Scorpion (she is also referred to Nami Matsushima in the film) played by Meiko Kaji. The plot sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Actually, the film failed to deliver that message, which then made it a bit of a disaster and cringe to watch. What is the fascination with genital torture, or to put it bluntly, rape?

First off, I want to point out that I am a full-grown adult woman. I don’t shy away from watching sex scenes in films. It’s like watching the birds and the bees. It’s part of nature. However, I am against bad sex. It may appeal to some folks, but having your genitalia burned by boiling water is just brutal. In this film, the male lead, Teruo Kudo played by Masakazu Tamura, works at the sex club. His job is to control the lighting. What’s the irony in that? He got first-class seating and yet he can’t get a boner because his “thingy” is messed up; it’s all because of the cops! Kudo’s flashback shows a bunch of cops tying him down, pouring hot water on his crotch! I guess you can laugh about it, depending on how sadistic you are, but it’s just not right. Thus, Kudo has a grudge against the cops for ruining his “thingy” which prompted him to help Scorpion escape from the police. Keep in mind, this woman killed eight detectives! She is very dangerous and it’s still a mystery what really happened to her. But we can draw a conclusion based on the song in the film that she was discarded by the man she loved. The lyrics go like this:

You are a beautiful flower. His words flatter you today. But once you are in full bloom. He’ll just toss you away. Foolish, foolish, foolish woman’s song. Her song of vengeance.

Another cringe scene that didn’t sit well with me is when Scorpion and Kudo interrogate the detective’s wife who happens to be pregnant. Watching a pregnant woman falling off the balcony is brutal. Okay, the detective is an a-hole, but what did the unborn child do? It’s just not right. Male cops are bad and the female cops are just as bad with their whips! It seems they look forward to punishing criminals by executing them on the gallows. On top of that, the cops have no problem raping their women! There was no good reason which led to the rape scene unless I am missing something.

In summary, I was disappointed in this film because it didn’t have any real direction other than the fact Scorpion is a dangerous woman, and she is kind of cool. But watch out! Don’t fall for her because she will sting you! It made me wonder why men fall for difficult women. It really is a mystery to me. Don’t want good girls because they are too boring. Well, you’ll get what you deserve. Your “thingy” will get stung. Hey, I am just reiterating the film’s message, or at least what I got out of it.

Well, that is it for now. It’s not a great film, but I hope you had a good laugh or learned something. I know, I sure did.