What I Learned from The NeverEnding Story (1984)

For years I have never visited the Cinerama. Why? Partly because I substituted video games for movies, which I barely play these days. Oh, how technology has changed. I’m too lazy to visit a theater. Aren’t movie theaters a bit outdated ever since the birth of Netflix? Sometimes, after work or even during my school days, I just want to make a dash home. This introvert needs to recharge mentally. But lately, I am changing my old ways. When I was a teenager, I had bad anxiety so I rarely go out. I was like the girl from Cast Away on the Moon. I was thin (still am) with unbrushed hair castaway in my bedroom. Mother used to complain all the time. I need to eat and brush my hair. I am going to die if I don’t eat and no man will love me if I’m ugly (maybe that’s the point, Mom). Now that I have more freedom from my family (they treat me like a 5-year-old no matter how old I am because I am the baby girl in the family) I went to see The Neverending Story last year by myself because I am badass like that.

What is so neat about Cinerama, it doesn’t showcase new movies; it plays older movies. I think it’s a wonderful idea for those who want to watch old movies on the big screen. There’s nothing more exciting than going to a theater, buying overpriced fountain drinks and popcorn, and enjoying the surround sound system. This is one reason why I love watching horror movies and action movies at the theater. It’s for the experience. If I want to see something slow pace, I prefer to watch it in the comfort of my own place.

Like the protagonist, I enjoyed reading adventure/fantasy books and was often bullied by school brats when I was a kid. So, it’s only natural to find comfort in books where the world felt safer. The Neverending Story is like the real world, in which, life is filled with uncertainties, but we got to keep pushing towards a goal, whatever that may be. On a side note, as I was sitting in the theater, I couldn’t help but laughed that the movie is like MMORPG. That’s why I don’t play online games. I rather finish the game and be done with it because “no book is safe.” We get sucked into a different world and might never come back!

In the movie, the protagonist, a young boy, loss his mother and find it difficult to attend school (Oh, I know that feeling so well. I dreaded going to school, particularly middle school).  His father said to him that life goes on when the boy told his father he dreamt of his mother. Of course, life goes on.  The young boy learned from the character inside The Neverending Story book, that we too, can have the courage to keep pushing forward and save ourselves through someone else world. But we got to make the effort to move forward even if we are scared! After all, even brave men learned that they can be cowards too in a certain situation, and that’s perfectly normal. Along the way, if we keep moving forward, good luck will find us.

In the current event we are witnessing now (this pandemic), I think we all need that reminder that it’s okay to feel weak, uncertain, and scared. It doesn’t make us any less of a person, but we have to have the determination and confidence to push through no matter what.