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AI: Somnium Files Review

This review was written largely in response to the negative reviews I read on Steam about the misogynist humor, but I also covered gameplay and sound as well.

Halsdoll’s News

Everybody does this reflection New Year post. It’s natural and good for the soul. I am just late publishing mine like usual.

My Incoherent Review of Lady Snowblood

It’s cold and it’s getting darker outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find warmth. I found warmth in this revenge film!

Book Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

A lovely book about a woman who lives and thrives in the wild. Reading this book, I didn’t realize how beautiful the marsh can be.

Tidying Up and Sweeping My Thoughts

I am guilty of taking the easy route by not coming up with something fresh like I normally do for my weekly post. Normally, I think about what I want to write but not this time. I’m allowing my mind to roam despite my best effort to attempt decorating my blog with Halloween topics. I…