Batman Begins (2005) Review: Conquer your Fears and Fight for Justice

Not going to lie, I miss going to the theatre, drinking overpriced fountain drinks, and eating popcorn. Batman Begins is quite fitting for this time, especially during this pandemic. As soon as I saw the film available on Netflix, I can’t help but draw the correlation with our current fear to bats as it is the likeliness original source of Covid-19. If you want to conquer the virus–you have to become it. That’s the only way we can get rid of the virus called Covid-19 fear. Okay, I shouldn’t joke around about the deadly virus so lightly. But sometimes you got to make yourself laugh at the situation. It’s good for your sanity. Understanding your fear is the beginning of conquering it. This film couldn’t be more fitting for the current major event. When it comes to hunting for metaphors, like Covid-19, I do not discriminate–that’s why I’m reviewing the western film for a change. So let’s dive into the cave, I mean review.

Batman Begins explains how Batman came to be and his role in Gotham City. To fight criminals you have to think like a criminal. Instead of abusing one’s power–Bruce Wayne rises above crookedness and corruption, which makes him a legend and the perfect defender of justice. It’s a great film in the sense we see a positive character development who is forced to tackle tough questions about good versus evil, but most importantly justice. My eyes were glued to the screen when I first saw this film in the theatre and it still has the same effect on me to this day: I watch the film from the comfort of my living room. There’s a sense of Zen when viewing this film, especially towards the first 47 minutes. It unfolds and lay out for the audiences to see the growth of Batman done beautifully. Young Bruce Wayne was lost when he lost his parents to a robbery incident which scarred him emotionally throughout his youth and adult life. Then later, he was found when he turned away from revenge, the path of destruction.

The fighting scene in the snow between Bruce Wayne and Henri Ducard–is one of my favorite scenes in the film along with the hide and seek scene with the ninjas in the temple. Why you may wonder? Simply because I love a good fight; martial arts is a form of discipline to master the self and one’s surroundings. I learned from this film that first you must ease your mind and accept that you have no control over issues that are out of your hands. Secondly, you must not walk the path of criminals as there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Third, you must conquer your biggest fear by becoming one with it. Lastly, you fight for justice if you are capable to do so. Living with a purpose to serve gives you a sense of direction in life. This is what it means to be a good person which leads to a good leader which ultimately gives birth to Batman. A strong beginning led to a strong ending. The total length of the film is 2 hours and 32 minutes.

In conclusion, the film is cinematically beautiful and it doesn’t go overboard with annoying supernatural special effects like the transformers’ action-packed films (I like substance; not all show). Batman, Scarecrow, and Falcon are all humans who use different methods to perform their deeds whether it’s for good or for evil in society. A weapon is only a weapon depending on who possesses it. Bruce Wayne uses his fearful power to fight for justice instead of oppressing people. He was once afraid of bats but then he became the fearful bat who brings terror to criminals and justice to Gotham City. He’s a well-liked iconic hero. Perhaps, that’s why I was fond of Batman as a kid and even to this day. He’s just an ordinary man in a cape, a good person. We need more of that: We need good leaders.

2 thoughts on “Batman Begins (2005) Review: Conquer your Fears and Fight for Justice

  1. nairdalex March 8, 2021 / 10:44 am

    Good movie. I love the Dark Knight trilogy. What a great comparison to this pandemic we are going through. I want to watch it again with new eyes now.
    That scene with Ducard is one of my favorites too. 🙂

    Now, we only need the hero we deserve to rise up and face the challenge!

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