Ninja Scroll (1993) Review: A Love Story for Humanity

Don’t underestimate the power of good illustration. Like prey, people like me always get trapped by its web. That’s what happened to me with Ninja Scroll. I jumped into this film without knowing anything about it. I just saw the cover and I thought it looked cool. And I was not wrong. The illustration is stunningly… Continue reading Ninja Scroll (1993) Review: A Love Story for Humanity

Psycho-Pass Season 1 Review

Disclaimer: Minor spoiler alerts Throughout history, I think humans have a deep-rooted fear of losing one sense of self. They are always searching for the ideal society where everyone can live in harmony. But what if this perfect society is run by an old asymptomatic, crazy pink hair lady or worse, a robot that is… Continue reading Psycho-Pass Season 1 Review

Scum’s Wish Review: A Logically Scummy Anime

In this anime, there is no consequence to promiscuous action, which makes it so intriguing. You can explore your lusty nature with your messy emotions, especially the confusing ones. Sometimes emotions are just too hard to describe, especially if you are a teenager who is still trying to find your identity. This show successfully takes… Continue reading Scum’s Wish Review: A Logically Scummy Anime

Mushi-Shi Review: A Fine Cup of Medicine for the Mind

Do you know what Forest Bathing is? When you are stuck in a city like me, you naturally want to reconnect with all things green because greenery is life. That’s why many people like to go to the woods where I am from. Unfortunately, since I am a loner, it’s not safe for a woman… Continue reading Mushi-Shi Review: A Fine Cup of Medicine for the Mind

Netflix Series Beastars: Is the Rabbit Really a Slut?

Disclaimer: For mature audiences. Not for children. Please watch the show before reading this article. This is just my interpretation of the show. Oh, my virgin mind was tainted by the innocent schoolboy and schoolgirl stuffed animal-like cartoon. How did a show manage to fool me into thinking that I was watching a show about… Continue reading Netflix Series Beastars: Is the Rabbit Really a Slut?