My Husband Won’t Fit Review (2019): Let’s Talk about Sex

I’m a few days late like usual. Valentine’s Day has passed. I could learn how to prioritize my blog posts to sync with the holiday, but I guess I missed the opportunity. In my mind, I thought reviewing Cuties was more important. But at least I got my punctuality right. Punctuality is a great traitContinue reading “My Husband Won’t Fit Review (2019): Let’s Talk about Sex”

Painted Faces (1988) Review: Never Look Down on Yourself Even if People Do

One thing I love about Hong Kong films back in the 80s to mid 90s is that it has the tendency to praise hard work and perseverance. Netflix did a great a job at recommending Painted Faces to me as I really enjoyed watching martial arts films but not all of them are made withContinue reading “Painted Faces (1988) Review: Never Look Down on Yourself Even if People Do”

Netflix Social Dilemma Review

I spy on people and tech companies spy on me on social media. “We are all connected to each other in a circle in a hoop that never ends,” I quote from Pocahontas song Colors of the Wind. I think we are becoming very intimate. It is kind of making me blushed in fact. IContinue reading “Netflix Social Dilemma Review”

Romance Doll Review: Love Is Remembrance

Sometimes I think the term feminism is just a Western product. Over the years, it has carried such a bad connotation. I think vocal feminists are confused these days. Just because I am on the quiet side, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in gender equality nor do I condone femininity. Do I haveContinue reading “Romance Doll Review: Love Is Remembrance”

Love and Fortune Review: Sometimes the Other Half Is Literally Half Our Age

Have you ever eaten anything that tasted sweet and then the more you bite into it, it became bitter and tangy? I just described my emotions for Love and Fortune. Love and marriage is a happy ending for most women. But some are just unlucky–meeting the wrong guy at the right time, and meeting theContinue reading “Love and Fortune Review: Sometimes the Other Half Is Literally Half Our Age”

Netflix Series Atelier: It’s Not Just About Underwear

My mother once said, you can tell a lot about a person’s personality based on the shoes he or she wears.  From looking at the picture below (yes it’s my shoes), that’s not far from the truth. I’m plain, practical, and environmentally conscious.  Rain or shine, I love to walk. I’ve had these shoes forContinue reading “Netflix Series Atelier: It’s Not Just About Underwear”