Female Prisoner Scorpion 701’s Grudge Song (1972) Review

If you have been following this blog, you probably know that I enjoyed Female Prisoner Jailhouse 41 very much. Some would argue that the film is a response to the Feminist Movement, calling out all men as filthy horn dogs. Women became criminals because men have wronged them in some ways (okay maybe I am going a… Continue reading Female Prisoner Scorpion 701’s Grudge Song (1972) Review

Netflix Social Dilemma Review

I spy on people and tech companies spy on me on social media. “We are all connected to each other in a circle in a hoop that never ends,” I quote from Pocahontas’s song Colors of the Wind. I think we are becoming very intimate. It is kind of making me blush in fact. I was… Continue reading Netflix Social Dilemma Review

Scum’s Wish Review: A Logically Scummy Anime

In this anime, there is no consequence to promiscuous action, which makes it so intriguing. You can explore your lusty nature with your messy emotions, especially the confusing ones. Sometimes emotions are just too hard to describe, especially if you are a teenager who is still trying to find your identity. This show successfully takes… Continue reading Scum’s Wish Review: A Logically Scummy Anime

Jane Eyre BBC (1983) Review: A Romantically Crazy Love Story

After watching so many quirky Japanese shows, I decided I need a switch, so I watched Jane Eyre. In fact, I’m feeling very English. I’m anticipating fall so I can drink hot tea, but at the same time, I’m not looking forward to the horror of what Covid-19 (the reaper) will do to more lives and the economy.… Continue reading Jane Eyre BBC (1983) Review: A Romantically Crazy Love Story

Romance Doll Review: Love Is Remembrance

Sometimes I think the term feminism is just a Western product. Over the years, it has carried such a bad connotation. I think vocal feminists are confused these days. Just because I am on the quiet side, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in gender equality nor do I condone femininity. Do I have… Continue reading Romance Doll Review: Love Is Remembrance

Netflix Series Beastars: Is the Rabbit Really a Slut?

Disclaimer: For mature audiences. Not for children. Please watch the show before reading this article. This is just my interpretation of the show. Oh, my virgin mind was tainted by the innocent schoolboy and schoolgirl stuffed animal-like cartoon. How did a show manage to fool me into thinking that I was watching a show about… Continue reading Netflix Series Beastars: Is the Rabbit Really a Slut?