Red Bow Review: A Nice Bittersweet Treat

Red Bow Game

I heard in Japan there is a vending machine for everything. Is there a vending machine for fast games? A quick game that will give you a mental boost?  Yes, this game is very short. Depending where you purchase the game (I bought mine on Steam for around $2), it wasn’t a huge loss. I… Continue reading Red Bow Review: A Nice Bittersweet Treat

Tokyo Dark: Decent but Missed the Mark

Okay, I think I was rather harsh with my assessment of what I think about Tokyo Dark, an adventure point-and-click horror video game created by Cherrymochi. I deleted my old post which I titled Tokyo Dark: Too Political It Will Make the Old Fat Pervert Cry, pointing out how the game lacks depth. But I must say the… Continue reading Tokyo Dark: Decent but Missed the Mark