Ranting about the Demon’s Souls Remake Trailer

front cover of demons souls delux ed.

Woke up to the sound of idiots racing down the streets. Normally after a few minutes, it follows a blasting sound coming from the cop siren, but not this time. I hope no homeless person camping out on the side of the street got hit. We live in a strange time and I know I'm… Continue reading Ranting about the Demon’s Souls Remake Trailer

Dark Souls: Exploring Is an Achievement

Normally, I dislike traveling in games because it seems rather pointless, but Dark Souls knows exactly how to design stages and build the perfect momentum to control the pacing of the player. Exploration serves as a preparation for the next boss fight. After I defeated the Gaping Dragon, I spoke to the NPC and bought a Crystal Straight Sword… Continue reading Dark Souls: Exploring Is an Achievement