It’s Been 5 Years…Is It Game Over?

Recently, I learned that it has been 5 years since I registered this domain. Wow! It has been that long? WordPress, as a blogging platform has been my sanctuary for many years, and I have been quite comfortable where I am but if I want to attract more readers something must change. I love writing about video games but they are the least popular with Search Engine and take up the most time to write. While I am proud of what I write, the only person who gets the most joy out of it is me. So that’s why I’m grateful when people do let me know they like it as well. Because I created this blog for me, I don’t get sad or depressed when stats are low. Never have. However, I do think my stuff is pretty good and deserves to be in front of more people. This got me thinking. Should I head over to YouTube where the eyeballs are at?

If I were to go toward the YouTube route, it will take a lot of time to edit and create a video since it is not in line with my expertise. Thinking about it is quite overwhelming but I’m willing to be flexible if that will help my blog get more exposure. Then I ask myself is that how I want to use my precious time? My preferred method of communication has always been through writing. Losing the ability to write is a scary thing for society as a whole, and I don’t want to be a part of an activity that helps bring the downfall of humanity. Oh wait, I am being a hypocrite here. What about video games? Oh no, I am becoming a confused robot.

I feel paralyzed…what was I thinking?

The other route is to write more about books and films, which I don’t attest. I love to talk about books and films artistically. I did a lot of that in school! However, gaming is my main hobby. So naturally I like to analyze the games I have played in detail. After all, I am one of those people who consider video game as art. I play games because I admire beauty and craftsmanship. Playing video game to me is like going to an art museum, which is why I tend to lean toward Japanese video games than Western games. They are just more experimental.

This brings me back to the point of why I blog in the first place and whether I should move away from lovely WordPress. I haven’t found the right community that is accepting of my hobby but also shares the same values. I remember my co-worker laughed when people online start talking about an indie game as if it were some great novel. If you ask me, it can be. For those who are not aware, I lived in Seattle for quite some time. You’d think gaming is supposedly more acceptable there because of the tech industry. But you’d be surprised. Some people still think it’s a waste of time. Many of my acquaintances and friends still feel that way. Some even work for game companies. Well, I am not a fan of Halo and guns so I can understand their points. I digress.

So back to my question? Is it Game Over for this blog? Not quite, I’ll keep this blog open, but it is time for me to seriously write and look into traditional publisher. I suppose it was only a matter of time before I learned the importance of writing and how it links to the human souls. Writing about video games will not do–but writing about other things will. Unless there are some kind souls out there who would support this silly passion of mine, I might be able to keep writing about video games. In the meantime, I will keep my hobby to myself.


I have never seen my fruit of labor as a waste of time. More than anything, it puts things into perspective and brought me joy that only I could understand.