Horror Games for Halloween

It is beginning to feel like fall thank goodness. Warm weather makes me sleepy. I think it’s safe to say Halloween is approaching and it’s time to be in Halloween festive mood? Horror games and horror movies–and no Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! does not count as being a scary show– not even for a kid.Continue reading “Horror Games for Halloween”

No It’s Not You, Most Modern Day Games Are Blah…but Some Are Decent. Don’t Lose Hope!

Every time I make a comment about games–someone deleted their blog. I didn’t know I have so much power. I feel bad that is why I am writing this post. I hate to see a passionate gamer lose interest in gaming to the point he has to delete his blog. Trust me, you are notContinue reading “No It’s Not You, Most Modern Day Games Are Blah…but Some Are Decent. Don’t Lose Hope!”

Onimusha: Warlords Review (PS4)

Who in the world watch horror movies and play horror games during the pandemic? Isn’t real life like a horror story? Well that is okay, I won’t judge. My life was never normal to begin with so this is actually normal to me. I’m not phased by the pandemic that much. Welcome to the club,Continue reading “Onimusha: Warlords Review (PS4)”

Red Bow Review: A Nice Bittersweet Treat

I heard in Japan there is vending machine for everything. Is there a vending machine for fast games? A quick game that will give you a mental boost?  Yes, this game is very short. Depending where you purchase the game (I bought mine on Steam for around $2), it wasn’t a huge loss. I spentContinue reading “Red Bow Review: A Nice Bittersweet Treat”

Tokyo Dark: Decent but Missed the Mark

Okay, I think I was rather harsh with my assessment of what I think about Tokyo Dark, an adventure point and click horror video game created by Cherrymochi. I deleted my old post which I titled Tokyo Dark: Too Political It Will Make the Old Fat Pervert Cry, pointing out how the game lacks depth.Continue reading “Tokyo Dark: Decent but Missed the Mark”

Visual Novel Games I’ve Played

Visual Novels have been around for some time, and it’s strange hearing some gamers claiming that it is not a video game because of its lack of gameplay, but in defense, I would say the games I’ve played so far, revolve around a game. Instead of pressing buttons, you actually have to use your brain.Continue reading “Visual Novel Games I’ve Played”

Reminiscing Friday the 13th (1989)

I don’t know why I always confused the word survivor with survival. They sounds so much alike. For a long time, I kept thinking Survivor Horror instead of Survival Horror. Well I guess technically…Survival Horror genre is all about the survivor. I wrote a post reflecting my childhood experience with Friday the 13th for theContinue reading “Reminiscing Friday the 13th (1989)”

Death Mark Review (PS4)

Horror tales are not always scary but regretfully sorrowful. Death Mark depicts the dark side of reality and the sad truth for women and children living in a man’s world, particularly in a patriarchal society like Japan. I finished playing Death Mark (PS4 version), a visual novel game. I was pleasantly surprised by the gameContinue reading “Death Mark Review (PS4)”