Currently in Nightmare Mode

I wanted to write about the story in Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse but I sort of got burnt out; on top of the fact, I am ill as we speak. It hinders my ability to write, but I’m slowly getting better. If only I schedule in advance like most bloggers, this wouldn’t be a problem. Oh, my stubbornness. I just like to do things naturally without a set schedule. You can’t force creativity. It comes to you or it just doesn’t.

I give myself a cookie for attempting to keep this blog updated weekly

Anyway, I finished my third playthrough with a 62% completion. Took a break from the game and now I am playing it for the 4th time! Collecting all the Wraiths is the hardest part since it happens on random occurrences. However, I am not too concerned about beating the game on Nightmare Mode. I just have to be mindful of using health items and stronger type films since you can no longer purchase them in the Save Menu. Luckily, my weapons (Camera Obscura and the Spirit Stone Flashlight) are maxed out. It’s going to be tough because items in the game are pretty scarce. So that means…I can’t let ghosts touch me! As I mentioned before, the wisest decision is to play the game on Easy Mode so that you can get the feel of the game. All items will be carried to the next playthrough. So I recommend stocking on items while you can. But if you are in just for the story, then Easy Mode is the way to go because the story alone is pretty good.
I still have not grasped the thought process behind the reasoning of each character but I feel that Detective Choshiro Kirishima is the hero of the day.

Resting time is up.

He is investigating the Moonlight Syndrome that turns people on Rogestu Island into lunatics. Okay…I am just joking that is not the story of the game. Stay tuned while I’ll try to piece the story together on the 4th playthrough in Halsdoll’s style. Hopefully, I will try to get it in before Mother’s Day. I could play more feminine games like this.

The photo mode is so fun.

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