I’m Not A Pervert! It’s the Developer’s Fault!

Even though, I have no intention of becoming a game designer or create my own games, I find it quite fascinating to learn about the thought process behind it.  The whole creativity process  is not so different from the way I approach to songwriting, which is something I do as a creative outlet.

Yesterday, my friend visited me and wanted to watch me play games so I picked Virtue’s Last Reward (PS4 version) of all the games because I find this game quite relaxing to play on a lazy evening.  As my friend and I were solving puzzles together, one particular part stood out to me: the pinned photo.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games_20180407171828

In this section,  I understand the importance of creativity in games.  In the Crew Quarters, there are four rooms, which contain four lockers. I have to find all the passwords in order to unlock the lockers.  In one of the rooms, I was given a coin, after entering the right set of numbers to a locker.  The coin is used to scratch off the woman’s clothes which reveal a different set of numbers to a password for a different locker in a different room. At that moment, I was thinking, indeed,  I’m playing a scratch lottery ticket.  As I was so focused on scratching off her clothes, my friend, (who is a prim and proper type of gal) looked at me and accused me of being a pervert.  In my mind, I was just trying to find all clues so we can progress in the game.  Even though, I am not a guy and can never understand what’s so appealing about half naked women, the experience was exciting as I was one step closer to solving the mystery underneath her clothes. To my surprise, the numbers were never underneath her clothes, they were located on her arms and legs!   It was then, I realized a great game is highly creative and has the ability to engage the player against his or her own will on a subconscious level.  I say this because I am not a gambler or a pervert, but I was lured and trapped into the developer’s craft.  And strangely, it put a smile on my face and made me laugh.

After completing this section in Virtue’s Last Reward,  I realized that authenticity is important to creativity, which is the intent to create and capture the audience. In some ways, I think developers should have more control over the medium and listen less to the consumers, but please be mindful.  Honestly, I  don’t think consumers know what they really want. They just want to play a good game.  Lastly, I want to make an argument that a game is a game, a medium to itself.  All the fancy stuff such as the art and music only enhance the overall experience and bring it to life.


[To my friend if you are reading this] Sorry this was supposed to be a secret between you and me that we found ourselves playing a pervy game, but it was a lot of fun solving the puzzle together.


  1. I would totally blame the game for making me think of stripping a lady XD I dunno I would honestly think the same if I was in your shoes because it seems a bit too obvious, why would you cover up a lady seemingly at the beach.

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    • I assumed the numbers on her body and not on her legs or arms. That area wasn’t greyed out. I didn’t need to scratch off her clothes to find out. In fact, in the other rooms, gave me hint where the numbers were located on her body, but I just automatically assume and kepting scratching off her clothes because just want to be sure I’m not missing anything. 🙂


  2. A lot of games seem to lure people in to being perverts.. One example for me would be Dead or Alive. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if they didn’t include boob physics, but since everything just jiggles weirdly it’s difficult not to look.

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    • Yeah I noticed that as well. My friend doesn’t play games so it was shocking for her. Most games are intended for the male demographic, which is understandable. It doesn’t take a genius when you survey gaming conventions and noticed that it’s mainly men that go that sort of thing.


  3. “Honestly, I don’t think consumers know what they really want.” – I couldn’t agree more! Developers tend to mess up games when they overreact to criticism.

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  4. I wonder if your wholesome friend would find this mini-game more appalling than titles that are filled with violence. VLR is quite tame, although some of the characters seem to have an aversion to clothes.

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